Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ryan : 8 Days To 8 Months!

Spinach and carrot around his mouth

How time flies!

Ryan will be 8 months old in 8 days!


He is perhaps a good 11 or 12kg heavy now and it gets really tiring carrying him around.

He has been good natured all this while and adorable as usual.

He can understand when we ask him to clap his hand (in both English and Mandarin) and if you say "sayang", he will drop his head onto your chest!

How very sweet is that?

Ryan Sayang Papa

And just yesterday, he learnt something new that he could do with my face.


He could now stand momentirary and when he crawls, he moves like some cockroaches! Damn fast!

Seeing him everyday after work is like the best thing i could ask for. Seeing him smile melts your heart and takes the trouble away!

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