Friday, July 27, 2007

Update for Thursday : Cycled Morning with Shazly

Yes. When everyone was at work, and since i do not have much work to do nowadays while waiting for job offers to roll in and fall like the evening rain, i received a call from Shazly.

"Bang, jom,cycle", He says.

It was 9.15am in the morning and i atually agreed to him.

Bad enough that Streamyx was down half of Wednesday and still down as yesterday morning, i decided to just go and cycle with him.

Met him at Manulife building as i drove there, thinking i might be late to see him at 10am.

Then, the bugger came out with a spanking new bike.

A Colnago Dream. It's the replica that Team Mapei used to use in one of the TdF.

It came with full Campag Centour 10 speed groupset. Basically this bike is as Italian as you can get la, only thing missing was the pink Shimano Pedal, which i supposed was to match the previous owner's jersey. (Team Mapei race in Pink).

We did an easy 22.44km ride around Bukit Damansara to Pencala Link. Attacking hills like we were in Tignes France. Don't ask, maybe the blood doping scandal in this year's TdF sort of make us feel that we, without any doping, could very well match what they can do, if we train as hard.

Bukit Damansara is unforgiving. It takes every single bit of juice in your legs and every breath in your lung to cycle and pedal it. More so if you make it a point not to let the speed drop below 20km/h.

Sweetest moment was when i overtook a 3 tonner lorry going up the hill at Security Commission. I surprised myself and even the lorry driver. I swore the ciggie on his lips almost drop as i blast passed him on the climb.

As all of you know, i am training with only the 52 crank. Never dropped to the 42 crank since i begin cycling with the monkeys to Broga. Now i'm in two minds if i should change the Tracer Crank (42-52) to the Ultegra (39-52) which Geoff gave me a while ago. Maybe i will, in preparation for IronMan. I don't think i would enjoy climbing the Langkawi route using only the 52 crank since it's a good 180km bike distance.

It was good that i did the cycling in the morning. Evening was pouring cats and dogs. Had to run to the car, which was a good 500meters away in the heavy downpour and went home shivering the whole night through.

Can't afford to fall sick, or be sick. Desaru is 2 weeks plus away.

Today, would be running in the menu. Not sure how far, I might have Roland joining me in the afternoon for the run. I believed i've given enough rest to the running legs and Jaja already saying i'm missing out on my SBR (as in Swim Bike Run) training.

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