Sunday, July 15, 2007

41KM Cycled

Can't join the Monkeys for their Broga Loop as i need to help wifey and sis in law to bring MIL to hospital to get her fractured ankle checked at 10am yesterday.

Woke up at 7am and went cycling without having anything.

Just brought along a bottle of water.

Decided to try some different route altogether.

So, started from Home, i headed towards TTDI from Pencala Link. Go straight and turned right at the old IBM traffic light, then turn left at Pizza Hut Traffic light and head towards Sri Hartamas.

Cycled from the junction of Sri HArtamas and U-turn under the Hartamas traffic light and headed back towards INTAN/RSC.

Then go straight and turn left onto Jalan Damansara, and turned off at Victoria Station, cycle at the back road and emerge at Esso Station and headed towards Menara Manulife.

Went up the hill and turned left after SK Bukit Damansara and go around Bukit Damansara Commercial area to exit near National Planeterium. Then turned left and head to the U-turn and cycled back towards RSC and turned right at the underpass so i get to climb the Security Commission/Planetarium hill and come out back at Bukit Damansara Commercial area. Back track and exit at Manulife building and turned towards Jalan Semantan and merge with Jalan Duta.

From Jalan Duta, i cycled towards NKVE and turned off at the Pencala Link and headed towards the Tunnel.

Then, it's all the way back home.

Understand the route or not???

Total distance covered: 41km
Time taken: 1hour 22 minutes
Average speed : 29.9km/h
Max speed: 61.0km/h
Average HR : 140bpm
Max HR :170bpm
KCal burned: 1701kcal

Maintained on the large 52 crank and did not exceed the 19 cogs behind. That is to make up for the lack of mileage.

Felt faint after 25km, which was also when i saw 4 roadies on the opposite side of the road, I was obviously low on sugar and thought what i saw might be just my imagination, so i continued to cycle. Swore i did see stars, that's for sure.

Finished the ride and gobbled down the remaining half bottle of water before entering the house like nothing happened.

This will be the last entry for today (Sunday) and if i don't blog tomorrow, that meant the office got broken in between NOW and TOMORROW MORNING and all the stuffs are missing.

Pray for me that nothing like that happens.

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