Monday, July 02, 2007

Featured On

I realised that for a Monday, i was getting pretty high hits on my blog (at 10am, 130 hits,usually only circa 60 hits around that time on other Mondays) and i haven't even updated anything as yet.

Then, i logged into to check my earning and to my surprise, i saw this on the main page...


It's something to be mentioned in the same breath as Joyce and Yvonne, apart from the other sponsors like Manhattan Fish Market and Digi. Also featured is another blogger named smashpop!

Read It Here

Also, the article i wrote last week about, was approved for payment by Advertlets! Thank you Advertlets!

Now, all is left is to see if i could bag RM50 for the stickers' campaign they are doing!

So, if you ask me if you culd earn some decent cash from blogging? I would say yes, so, go sign up with now for you stand a better chance with them compared to the other one which prefers higher hitting (and more popular) blog. So far, i've earned RM10 from that other service (which also take up "prime" space in the blog) and i've subscribed to them even longer compared to

And how in the world blog like those (you know which one i'm talking about la) receive 100++ comments on ANYTHING written?

So, to all of you that made it happen, and happen to come in here from the links in where ever, i thank you!

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