Monday, July 02, 2007

Almost Bleed To Death

Remember the nightmare i told all of you about?

OK, before i go on about that nightmare, i actually turned down a job offer from one of the sports outfit to be a product specialist (or Ekin as that company would call it). Again, if i decide there and there (at 9.30pm on Friday), i would had made a total change of career, from Engineering to Consumer Goods.

"Do you like sports?", the HR asked

"Yes, absolutely", i answered.

I went on to tell her about my dream of being a world class athlete and i guess that sort of did the trick, but i reckon it was how this contact of mine sold me to the HR department. Thank You bro!

As with everything in life, it's all about Ringgit and Sen. The package wasn't attractive enough; perhaps if my savings did not run dry in the first place after months of not being paid, i would had definately took the offer up (and suffer the first year with the same pay, surviving on my savings) and discuss with her manager that night itself. With my savings going way below the 3 digit figure and making ATM withdrawal a thing of the past, i don't think i could had agreed, even if i really want to (and trust me, i wanted).

But i had to let it go. With loads of thanks for the opportunity. I know this will be one of the thing which i will regret later in life.

"bro, they send the Ekin to Oregon for product training!", the friend said...

He had to rub it in...

I am still keeping my finger crossed with the possible consultancy job, which by the way, as of today, i suddenly felt the chances are pretty slim...

OK, back to my story.

I was running on Saturday morning, clocking most probably my worse 5km ever timing at 33 minutes and most probably the best timing for 7.51km (at the bottom of Kiara after the Crossroad) of 43minutes (it went down from 50minutes to 48, to 45 and now 43!) while dodging tonnes of morning hikers/joggers/mountainbikers going up Kiara hill.

As usual la, armed with a bottle of water and the shuffle blasting nothing but Engelbert and Elvis in my ears and Red Hot Chilli Pepper on constant playback, i managed to cover the 15km 17km in 1:43:12.

I would had thought i could cover that distance in less than 1:40, and the timing of 1:43 was more like my 17km timing. Yes, it's indeed a 17km+ run!

Here is the stat:

Distance : 15.36km 17km+ (I've mistakenly used the run to kiara which i u-turned after the downhill, actualy distance is 17km++)
Time: 1:43:12
Ave HR: 153bpm
Max HR: 172bpm
Kcal : 2205
Recovery :
1st Minute: 163-136
5th Minute: 123-112

I felt good at the 10km mark, having covered that distance in about 1:01 and it's basically hilliy terrain all the way from the home, it's an achievement of some sort if i may say that. Then to actually cover the final 5km plus in 43 minutes are pretty slow, really, almost an embarassment! 7km in 43 minutes is a-ok i guessed!

The highlight of the run wasn't the run itself, it was my bleeding nipple.

Nipple bleeding

OKla, it's not as serious as i thought. But it was scary when as i finished my run, i noticed that there were blood on the running vest! I remember i felt stinging sensation, but that was normal everytime i run.

And trust me, cracked nipple is no fun, especially when you take a bath! It stings to heaven high!

Bepanthen cream...

Safe for Nipple...

To you all out there that has a breastfeeding wife, better learnt to appreciate what they are doing, as chaffed/cracked nipples are not a fun thing to have!

I better start plastering my teats from today if i want to run longer distance again...nipple patch, anyone?

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