Tuesday, July 03, 2007


*This is not a sponsored review*

After some success with Text-Link-Ads, and currently having 3 text ads running, earning me a good USD12/month, it's time to try out another text ads service to see if i could earn a lil bit more cash.

I remembered when i posted about Text-Link-Ads last month here and someone left a comment in that entry to try using LINKWORTH.

So, yes, i signed up, but a lil glitch in the registration did not allow me to fully make use of the partner(or publisher) account and instead, i was asked to enter details as an advertiser. A quick email to the support/in-charge person got all of it settled within 24hours. Great job!

So, what exactly is Link Worth? Well, to cut the long story short and the short story brief and the brief story...err..naked...it's essentially like a far cousin of Text-Link-Ads.

Just like relative, they are both competing with each other at times and they have their own niche as well. While Text-Link-Ads has their referral program as well, the Link Worth referral program promises to be more rewarding. So, don't wait, sign up here with me as a referral!

Link Worth has a nifty tool to calculate how much your website/blog are worth in terms of advertising value. My Blog is actually valued between USD30-USD40, so, in terms of Paid Postings and reviews, i am greatly underpaid.

As a comparison, ahpek's value is almost double of mine and chanlilian no need to say la, almost triple!

So, don't wait any longer, sign up here and use me as a referral, then it's a win win situation mah!

Or if you want, you can also sign up with Text-Link-Ads with me as referral! TLA is proven thus far and i've been happily getting average of USD10/month since April 2007!

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