Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PD in the Horizon, Registered for Desaru

Hell i am!

This weekend is the PD International Triathlon.

There will be one huge turn out this year. Swim course will be completely new, starting from the beach and turning in towards the Marina.

Bike course and run course same as per last year.

I first did this tri in 2005 and i actually dip below 3 hours! Read it here and here.

PDIT 2005 - See the bottle? i'm still using it, same one!

Then in 2006, i did not sub 3 hours anymore, because i put on 8kg in 3 months. Read it here.

This time around, i will be more realistic. I just want to finish it. I've not swam for months, and it sort of scares me at the moment. I better start swimming soon as Desaru is around the corner.

I've just registered for the Desaru Long Distance, which essentially, a half IronMan race, or a IronMan70.3 type of race.

Swim 2km, Bike 90km and run 21km. Slightly more than 70.3 miles la.

I first did Desaru in 2005 as well, and i finished in 7:41. Read it here

Then in 2006, it wasn't much difference as i lagged by extra 7 minutes to finish slower than 2005! Read it here

I'm looking forward to it as it will be the last triathlon before IronMan 2008. I got to show improvement this time around. I won't be on my trusty Mountain Bike and i won't be lugging along a 3 liter Camelbak with me.

I just hope the amount of training i've been putting in is sufficient to show some improvement in Desaru, that is, if i swim!

Also, the rooms in Desaru now is super expensive and it's running out fast. I remember i used to pay like RM130/night and now it's RM265/night! that is like double the rate! Nevertheless, i've book 3 rooms at the official hotel at RM230/night. Now, all i need to do is to cash out some money from the adverts placement i've been doing to cover this trip to Desaru.

Today's menu : 30+km run. I might just take the bike route for the heck of it.

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