Tuesday, July 24, 2007


*This is a sponsored posting*

Mailbox. Every residential and commercial units can't do without one. It is like the first thing the postman would look out for to deliver the much awaited mails.

With the advent of internet communication via emails and Instant Messagging, we all still look forward to be able to hold to something physical such as a letter, bills or even a magazines delivered to our doorsteps.

Mailboxixchange.com is one such company that provide beautiful mailboxes. Check them out and starts to wonder why in Malaysia, no one is selling these cool looking mailboxes!

The also have cool curbside decorations such as bells, birdbath, sundial, weathervanes and even garden poems!!!

The have an affliate program as well, which essentially pays you back should anyone made any purchases after being refered by you! More reason to be visiting and joining them!!!

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