Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Congrats Shirleen & Kee Ming!

As love would had it, congrats to the both of you on your wedding day!

The newlywed!

Sunday 8/7/07 was the wedding reception and they actually gotten registered much earlier. But as with every chinese, it's not done until the wedding reception was over and done with.

M and wifey looked forward to it as it would also meant that she could catch up with her bunch of friends which were as corny as i am.

Or should i just say that I'm more excited?

It was great to catch up with June & Adrian, Julie, Joyce, Donald and of course, Claudia, which came all the way from Melbourne for the wedding.

June: Eh, don't take pictures can or not? Adrian : Aiyah, just smile la...

Donald : Claudia, keep your hands away from me! Claudia: It was Adrian's hand la!!!

Wifey: make sure no double chin ah! Me:Okok...

The babes!

If me and Adrian were to get married, Donald would be the by product...

Joyce with MC!

Shirleen and Claudia

The food was good and the company great, which makes the whole night more enjoyable.

So, here's to wishing you both newlyweds many happy tidings!

And to the rest of the gang that came that night, we hope to catch all of you soon!!!

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