Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stupe Was A Good Boy In School

I got tagged by Ah Pek.

He asked me to write about me being a naughty boy in school.

Now, to begin with, i'm not a naughty boy to begin with. Who will be when my mum rule with her cane?

But as how every boy would be, i have my fair share of being a nuisance la.

1. twisted 2 stapler bullet to make bobby trap, put it on girls' chair and see them yelp as the sink their butt into them.

2. put glue on a friend's exercise book because he irritate me, whole exercise book was glued in cluster. bad news was, he got away with doing homework for the day...

3. stole guli from a friend when he wasn't looking.

4. put sand into a teacher's motorbike engine...because i had enough of him.

5. sprayed HCL, undiluted, into a teacher's copper radiator....(yes, la, old car..)...also because i had enough of him...it's very nice to see copper react to HCL.

6. lighted up a ciggie in science class for the experiment "kesan rokok terhadap paru paru" in form 1...because lighting up a ciggie with syringe is damn hard ok!

7. stole a ciggie from my grandad and lighted up with a cousin when i was 7.

8. stuck chewing gum into a girl's hair because she say i was fat.

9. whacked a junkie silly when he tried to mug me near stadium negara/merdeka.

10. broke someone's nose when he tauted me when i was 13.

I better not go on. I promise i've been a good boy since.

Not tagging anyone to spare them from walking down memory lane and remember it was me that tauted them!

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