Monday, July 30, 2007

Friday - Run 10K and Classic Bike

"brader, when i say do 10km in 1 hour, i really meant within 59 minutes, not 54 minutes", i was telling Roland as we nears the ending point of our run.

"i love hills!", was his nonchantlant answer.

I tell you, running with Roland (Leng Lui 2 husband) is literally asking for it myself. I thought i was fit enough, well, enough would be more accurate. My Fit is still spelt as FAT.

It was a good run, really. I pushed myself to run at his pace, but he got longer legs and his strides wider and his cadence, technically, if i were to run a race with him, he would had reached the 5km mark a minute faster.

We managed to cover the 10km run in 55minutes.

Here's the stats

Distance : 10km
Time: 55:30
Ave HR : 153
Max HR: 169
Kcal : 1140kcal

The same day, i went with him to my usual bike shop and he purchased an old classic bike.

This is the one where the brake is fully mechanical (ie no cable) and it comes with a huge kickass carrier behind and a bangali stand (no, i'm not being racist, but that is how everyone refers these stands as).

Check the bike out.

Check the seat out...

The cockpit with the large bell

Double top tubing

Single speed with DID chain

CBU from China...with QC

Large luggage space

The bike comes with a 28 inch tyres and caliper brakes that stops the bike from the inner side of the rim, compared to the usual rim's sidewall. Cool as the stopping power might put some mechanical disc brake to shame.

This bikes has tonnes of people stopping by to check her out as they walk passed, who won't? This is about the same bike as how some of us grew up with. Previously, the brand like Royale, 7 Up would ring more bells than Giant and Santa Cruz.

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