Wednesday, July 18, 2007

20KM : Is That All???

The afternoon started off really nicely, with bright shinning sun and light warm breeze with a relatively low humidity.

Sky was really nice!

I was just getting really excited about the whole "running in the middle of the heat" experience as part of the whole preparation for Desaru Long Distance and IronMan next year.

Shady trees

I got so excited that i can't help myself but to take a panaromic view of the weather yesterday.

I tell you...

So, i packed 2 bottles of 500ml water, shove it in the fannypack, put 2 muesli bar inside as well, and brought along 2 circular plaster in case my nipples cries for help.

My shuffle was fully charged and with the new haircut, i bet i will be shaving at least 2 minutes from the previous 30km run.

As i exit the building and ran towards the first KM mark, it RAINED.


I ran back quickly, feeling really really really really pissed.

Went upstairs and grab a change of clothes and the car key and headed to Gym.

It just had to happen la!

Parking around the gym area is a hassle as most car parks are taken up by the office workers. Not helping with the post lunch traffic, which slowed down the traffic in Hartamas considerably, also not helping are some dumbass which double park their car on the main road.

By the time i found a car park, and paid for it, i've lost a precious 1 hour which i could had used to run the first 10km.


Treadmill...10km to go, HR at 67!

Don't have much choice, dilemma between sitting at home and do nothing, or be in the gym and do something. Running in the rain is last thing on my mind as it is both dangerous and unproductive, not forgeting that people will just think you are "something loose up there" by doing that, moreover, running in the rain will make my mum and wife worry, and when they are worried, i get calls on the handphones, if i don't answer them, my mum might call the police to enquire about "any 30 years old male found on highway" kinda thing.

Since i was in the gym and will be running the treadmill, and since it's a treadmill, it will be flat. I decided to make today's workout a fast 30km run.

Or so i wished.

Half way into the 10km, the sun came shining...

Got to entertain myself, no?

But i kept telling myself that there are dark clouds looming on the, it's justified that i just stick to the treadmill.

Give it up Stupe...It will rain, again!

I tell you, running on the treadmill is super duper boring. That is why no one but me is doing it in the gym. True Fitness has tonnes of underused cardio machines and i seems to be the only one that frequently subscribe to them. Machine 13 is my favourite, because it's at the corner and it allows me to run more than 30 minutes.

My Shapeless Arms

Somehow, i finished the first 10km in 58:12. Not a bad timing, considering if i were to run 10KM on my usual route, it will take me almost 1hour 10Mins. because it was flat, i was pushing the last 4km at 12km/h or 5:00 pace.

First 10km split

Immediately, as the machine come to a halt, i drink some liquid and munch half a muesli bar. Then, restarted the machine for the next 10km. By then, it was already 5.00pm.

Bugger, leg damn fair...

15km into the run, i slowed the machine down to refuel. Much like if i were to run the usual route, 14km will mark the fuelling station at the Gym. If Home to Gym via Kiara is a flat piece of ground, i had covered it in less than 1hour 30minutes as i managed to cover 15km in less than that! This got to be my PB on a treadmill!

So, after finishing the remaining muesli bar on the slow run, and refilling the water bottle at the water fountain, i crank it up, supposedly to catch up for time lost.

My aim is to finish this 10km run in less than an hour and i found myself running the last 5km at 12km/h or 5:00pace and finishing it in 59:25!

Not too bad!

By then, it was already close to 6pm. Decided to call it a day as wifey sms-ed saying she don't have any ride home. I justified myself by telling myself that i did a fast 20km today, if i were to push for a 21km, i could very well complete it in sub 2 hours as the muesli bar break wasn't even nessasary as it did not do much help compared to the apple in the previous 30km run.

Here is the stat:

Time: 1:57:20
Ave Hr : 143bpm
Max Hr: 164bpm
Kcal : 2237kcal

I was played out by the weather yesterday, if not because of the rain, i would had ran a 30km route through the 30km cycling route, but nevertheless, the 20km run (plus 2km i ran earlier) was good as it was a fresh break from the usual smog filled highway.

Still, i would settle for the smog filled highway compared to the boring treadmill run.

How played out was me yesterday? Well, the sun WAS shining nicely in the evening!

The Sun Keep shining..

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