Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yesterday's News

I was pretty shocked to say the least.

How could someone kill a 4 years old kid? Then make police report to say she was kidnapped and get MCA to help find her? it could had been almost flawless if not for the bad police report written.

Then today's paper says that the family has disowned their daughter for killing their grand daughter. I guess some Malaysians aren't as forgiving as i thought. I can understand their anger and frustration, but i still can't fahtom what goes into the mind of the accused when they burn the girl after she was supposedly drown in the tub at home.

Did the accused cried? Did they actually feel bad?

We will never know.

Anyway, i did not run or go to gym yesterday. It was a total do nothing day yesterday. Not in the mood, to say the least. No news yet about any possible job and although i should have an interview today, it was cancelled in this morning because the place where the company will be will not have any electricity. So, it's rescheduled for tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow's interview as i'm really hoping i would get the job offer from the consultancy office i went for interview last 2 weeks.

Yea, 2 weeks, and waiting. Or should i just not wait anymore?

Oh ya, i found a BMW while i was running last Monday.

Must had flew off the bonnet when the beemer went uber fast on Pencala Link.

I will attempt a 30km run today, lets see if i could find myself a Jaguar.

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