Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Overtrained? Nah!

I ran the home-pencala-ttdi-kiara-klgcc-gym route yesterday. The first i did this route was on 26th June.

No, i did not plaster my nipples as it was more painful to take the plaster out after i run. Imagine the plaster sticking to your sensitive nipples as you tear the plaster off the nipple surface...Maybe there is a technique to plaster the nipple. But whatever way i attempted yesterday prior to the run was just painful.

The run yesterday was just 16km. First stretch of the run ie 5km was done in 28minutes and the 10km was done in 1:05. 7.51km marking at the bottom of Kiara after the crossroad was done in in an easy 47 minutes.

It was also then i realised that i actually pushed myself to complete the 2.5km run in 10minutes on Saturday! I guess the crowd factor played a role (read: Kiasu).

Here is the stat for the run :
Time : 1:43:12
Ave HR: 144
Max HR: 166
Kcal : 2105kcal burned
1st Minute: 143-117
5th Minute: 110-90

It was an easy run i would say, but i did feel strong on the Kiara hill. It was also yesterday i realised that i was pushing myself really hard as i was literally salivating when i was running. OK, that is a very polite term to use, in actual fact, the salivating was me fighting for air and losing control over my saliva and it sort of drip/flow off from the corner of my mouth, almost frothing as i gasp for air...

Cow with FMD...I was almost like that la...

Gross i know.

So was the nipple bleeding incident, gross too.

I reached the gym and was asked by one of the manager if i was there to exercise or to finish my exercise. I politely told him i was there to continue to exercise.

And i headed to the treadmill to do a further 3km run before wifey called me to tell me she will not be in the gym but come and pick me up instead.

Went back home and took a shower before heading to my parent's house in Gombak for dinner and to pick my mum over to babysit Ryan on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Then later that night, i felt my leg tired. It has been sometime since i felt that way. I worry it might be the first onset of overtraining. Running too much and resting too little. No wonder why i felt lethargic on the final 3km of run along the main road to Gym and i thought it was because i did not eat lunch ( i had 3 slices of homemade bread for breakfast what..)

I guess it's time to take things a bit slower (or shorter) and i shall just run to the gym using the 7km route...and i know that 7km won't give me the high compared to the usual 14km that i'm doing for the past few weeks now.

What did i do to the leg which was tired yesterday night? I slept with the Phiten necklace wrapped around my ankle! Talking about Phiten, this blog has been a marketing testimonial for them! Don't believe? search for "Phiten Malaysia Review" and see what you get!

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