Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Speed Work

Apologies for not updating since Wednesday. Streamyx Broadband became Narrowband, then subsequently, NOband. This entry are meant for Wednesday 25th July

Was supposed to do a 15km recovery run yesterday but was too engrossed with writing the PD report.

The weather wasn't looking very favourable as well and then i decided to completely skip the plan to run 15km, as people are already starting to call me a mutant when i'm not even half their mutating stage.

So, i went to the gym yesterday. Determined to at least do a HITT or a easy 10km.

Somehow, when i went onto the treadmill, the legs started to ask for more punishing workout.

I started the run at 9km/h, then i upped it to 11km/h as i initially wanted to do HIIT.

Then, as i completed the second KM, i upped the treadmill to 12km/h. Then to 13km/h by the 4th km and hitting 15km/h at 4.5km and running at 16km/h on the final 400meters.

Distance: 5km
Time: 25:44
Ave Hr: 155bpm
Max Hr: 176bpm
Recovery :
1st Min : 176-140
2nd Min : 140-121
3rd Min : 121-110
4th Min : 110-102
5th Min : 102-101

It felt magical to be able to run at 14km/h for 1 whole km...seriously.

Meanwhile, wifey posted he best 4km run which she completed in 30minutes. I guess she is bitten by the running bug.

I just spoke to Kannan a moment ago at his usual hang out place in between his appointments. Loads of info i gathered when it comes to preparation for IronMan.

"the actual race starts at KM120", he says.

That means minus the 3.8km of swim, that is 116.2km of biking...

I only thought the race will start at KM183.8, which the final 42km marathon would be more numbing that the long 180km of cycling.

He advised me to get used to the heat, as that is where everyone succumb to every year.

Good thing i am training under the hot sun, whenever i can.

Today's menu : Cycle 30K. And hope it doesn't rain.

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