Sunday, July 15, 2007

Malaysian Blogger's Day Gathering

Recieved a call from Josh Lim and asked if i am going for the Advertlets' Malaysian Blogger Day.

"Huh?!", was my reply to him.

But nevertheless, since the Man himself called, i better try to make it la, afterall, not very far from my home what, about 7 minutes walk away or 4:30 if i run.

Malaysian Blogger Day

Josh managed to get Hypertune and Friendster Cafe to be co-sponsor. This event was organised by Elaine Tan together with Advertlets. Well done peps!

With Josh - sorry ah, forgot to adjust white balance!

I could only recognise two person. They are Josh himself and Daniel, ok, i also sawKenny Ng.

No one know who i am, except that they think i was from Singapore with my KIASU t-shirt.

Made myself comfy at the registration desk with Josh's Associates and basically had fun putting names to blogs (as oppose to name to face).

yeah...and seerly underdressed..DOH!

Managed to chat with a few bloggers themselves, i guess manning the front counter made it easier as they thought i work for Adverlets!

But these two dude and babe works for Josh la..not me

I did try to contact my friend which works in Hypertune, he wasn't there though and only called me back today. He asked to be excused from all these activities. LOL!

So, thank you to all of you that made it happen. I bet most of you had fun. And why is there more male bloggers than female? Was it because of the Hypertune girls?????

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