Friday, July 20, 2007

Biked 30, Ran 5

There was no blog entry yesterday. I was shuffling between Damansara, Petaling Jaya and JKR HQ yesterday morning. By the time i was done, it was almost 12pm, then i rush back to feed Ryan his solid food.

After that, me and wifey went to buy some flour as i promised the monkeys i would make some bread for them for PD tri.

By the time that was done, it was 2.30pm.

And it's time to seriously do some training.

Wednesday was left empty, decided to take a day off from training, moreover, wifey wasn't feeling well, so, it's only natural i stay home and just spend some time with the family.

So, yesterday was sort of err...a revenge?

I cycled 29.77km over the usual route, pushing myself 60% of the way and felt really zonked out by the time i was to climb bukit damansara. Pushing on and pressing harder, i managed to finish the route in 58:55.

Here are the stats:

Distance: 29.77km
Time: 58:55
Ave: 30.3km/h
Max: 62.5km/h
HR Ave: 146bpm
HR Max: 166bpm
Kcal: 1141kcal
1st min: 161-136
2nd min: 136-111
3rd min: 111-115
4th min: 115-105
5th min: 105-109

Felt great, reached home, prepare Ryan's milk,fed him and waited for wifey to come back.

Initially i wanted to do a BRICK, but the sky turned dark soon after i finished cycling, so, not wanting to get wet and try to dry my shoe before PD tri, i skipped it and told myself i will head to the Gym with wifey and do some HIIT.

Reached the gym circa 6.30pm and headed straight to the treadmill.

Started the run with 9km/h for 1km, then decided that it was too slow for any HIIT workout.

Then, for the second km, i raise it up to 11km/h. By the time i touched midpoint (2.5km), i figured that it was too boring to do HIIT and set the speed to 12km/h.

Then, it went up to 13km/h by the time it was 3.5km.

Then, i gatal gatal upped it at 4.3km to 14km/h.

Since the leg was feeling good and to justify lack of mileage this week, i pushed it up to 15km/h and ran the final 500meters at that speed.

Damn syiok. The HIIT workout turned into some speed workout.

Here are the stats:

Distance : 5km
Time: 26:08
Ave Hr: 148bpm
Max Hr: 179bpm
Kcal : 519kcal
1st min: 176-150
2nd min: 150-135
3rd min: 135-121
4th min: 121-125
5th min: 125-115

I got to work on my recovery rate, my resting heart rate nowadays is a low 52bpm 5 minutes after i wake up and it could dip below 50 if i just sit down do nothing. but recovery rate is more important indication of one's fitness level.

Wifey too, ran yesterday, after 2 weeks of not going to the gym because she was busy with another branch's opening at Damansara Utama, she finished running 3km in 25 minutes.

A very good effort considering that she never run!

We went home, cook some pasta and ate it. It was my idea as it's time to start carbo loading, doing it today would be too late, but of course, i ate with moderation. My weight is circa 75-76kg now. Max it would go up is 77kg after meal. Not too bad. Now, i'm gonna target to lose more weight and try to touch 72kg, which i think, i will look like a bag of bone, considering how usually fat (or buff) i was.

I stand to lose my breast/chest, but that is also good la, time to reduce the cup size from borderline C to A, perhaps. My arms has already shrunk from the bigger 15.5inch to a mere 14 now.


This weekend is PD International Tri. I'm not setting any timing target, but to finish the race, as usual. Not swam since Bukit Merah and i don't think i would really enjoy the swim this Sunday.

See all of you in PD!

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