Monday, July 02, 2007

Mileage, Mileage, Mileage.

I have this song playing everyday in my mind.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper - Can't Stop

I received a call from Hin Tong, (who is an IronMan many times over since year 2000) just a moment ago.

He gave me advice as a veteran in the IronMan Triathlon, having only paid for his own entry fee once, and being sponsored in all the other times.

"you have to build your mileage la", he tell me.

"IronMan don't play play, train hard", he added.

Just like Geoff, he suggest that i build my aerobic base up first. Which was what i've been doing for the past 3 months. I reckon that i need to be serious about training for IM2008 and giving excuses such as "never train for KLIM also can finish the 42km" or "i go to gym, therefore i'm fit" and having reality check about 3 months ago, sort of helped.

Firstly, i dropped from 82kg to 77kg as of today. It has been a steady 77kg after i rehydrate myself after training, immediately after training, i could weigh as low as 75kg. And yes, i drink and drink, for fear i might urinate blood again.

I got 2kg more to go before i reach my so called ideal weight of 75kg. And along the way, i've seen improvement on my biking and running time. Once i thought Stephanie Chok running almost 20km for training was crazy, i found myself doing about that distance at least once a week, and almost every other day clocking more than 7km of run.

Granted that i do one long distance cycling per month, i guess i need to up the ante. Longer distances needs to be clocked. Previously cycling 90km on one go during Desaru Long Distance Tri was considered an achievement, but i could now do that distance in less than 3hours 30, compared to 4hours 15minutes as i did in both Desaru Tri. I'm yet to break the 180km ride, and i have every plan to do so soon.

May 2007

I ran almost 100km in May 2007. The other 120km was mostly the biking sessions.

Then in June 2007, i added on almost 80km and clocked 299km in the month. Extra being the long ride i had with the Primates. So, as you can see, i ran less in June, but all in longer distance (11 runs in May and 8 runs in June, 3 rides in May and 2 rides in June).

June 2007

Ask me this 1 year ago and i will tell you that one has to be crazy/insane to be doing what i'm doing now. Nevermind there are more hardcore people out there like this chap here and all my other friends on the right side of this blog.

Just like how Geoff, Paul and Hin Tong all tell me, it's the journey, not the destination.

And with that, i'm setting a really really modest target to just complete the IronMan next year in 17hours. Anything shorter (timing) is a big bonus.

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