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Transformer: Murdered Theme Song & Some Trivia

This won't be the movie review, i'll save it for the rest of you which had (most unlikely) not watched this movie yet.

Me and wifey actually went to see the movie yesterday night at 11pm. We managed to get 2 tixs for the 11.15pm show just right after the phone booking tixs were up for grab, so, we managed to secure pretty nifty nice seatings right in the middle of those THX/Dolby sound system and in the best possible position to see the movie. Look, we don't go to cinema often, the last we went was to see X-Men when wifey was like 3 or 4 months pregnant, so that was a good almost 1 year ago!

My main grouses with the Movie??? Here it is, if you are hardcore Transformer fan, i am sure you will agree with me with what i want to say below.

I tell you, if Autobots has the power to kill whoever that thinks the movie theme song suits the Transformer movie, they will.

Oh wait, Autobots don't kill humans.

let me rephrase that, DECEPTICONS will kill MUTEMATH for MURDERING the THEME SONG!

Listen to the movie Transformer theme song here:

Movie Theme : Transformer by Mutemath

Well, obviously they are MUTE, let alone doing MATH! The theme song where every kid growing up in the 80's are murdered!

Now, listen to the ever cool 80's theme by Lion, the way i remember it to be!

This is what it was supposed to be!

Heard the synthesizer sound in the soundtrack above? That's the voice of SOUNDWAVE!

I tell you, if there is ONLY 2 characters i love from transformer, it won't be Optimus and Megatron, but it would be Bumblebee and Soundwave!


Tell me now that Soundwave isn't cool and Bumblebee should just stay as a VW Beetles! Did i see a raise of hand there!?

Did you know that Soundwave has an ejecting cassette which will transform into a panther called RAVAGE???


Along with Ravage, there is also much loved Rumble, Buzzsaw, Ratbat and Laserbeak...all of them transform into cassette and partner Soundwave in the First Generation Transformer in 1984 (when they were first shown on TV). Soundwave was later reincarnated as Soundblaster in the later generation of Transformer.

Seriously, Don't you rahter see Bumbleebee as a Beetle?

Bumblebee - Dirty Yellow Fellow

The movie has Bumbleebee rebirthed as a Chevy Camaro. Cool initially and became lame soon after.

OK, granted that General Motor sponsored all the cars in the movie, but to even turn Jazz, a Porsche 911 into another GM car??? Come on! Jazz is full of character and it gets kinda boring to see General Motor showing all their cars! Not only that, i used to be able to relate to Jazz as the Porsche but Jazz as a GM car?

Jazz - as it should had been

Okla, maybe they did a bit of justice by not completely changing StarScream from a F-15(McDonald Douglas) to some unknown aircraft but to F-22 (Lockheed Martin). But sticking to F-15 would be uber cool as well as being a transformer, you don't need to be state of the art because you are already state of THE art!


Starscream!!! Woohoo!


With that, i don't meant you can make Starscream coming back as BAE Hawk (RMAF uses Hawk 108 and 208 as trainer jets and also low cost fighters...).

Oh ya, did you all notice the "jaws" like airplane which they sent in the opening scene where the command centre was asked by Josh Duhamel's men to send over the Hogs?

Those are the A-10 Thunderbolt or better known in the USAF as Warthogs.

Do you know that by just using the cannon, the A-10 is capable of disabling a main battle tank from a range of over 6,500m. The cannon can fire a range of ammunition, including Armour-Piercing Incendiary rounds (API) weighing up to 0.75kg, or uranium-depleted 0.43kg API rounds. The magazine can hold 1,350 rounds of ammunition. The pilot can select a firing rate of 2,100 or 4,200 rounds per minute.


OK, before this post turn into some "boy-fantasy playing with his plane toys" kinda entry, lets get back on track.

Megatron was a big dissapointment. Why did he morph into some Star Wars lookalike aircraft? Megatron has always been remembered as a Gun, to be exact, a Walther P38, which was first produced in 1938 (hey, that was circa when Megatron was found in the movie!!!) for the German Army (read : Nazis)


Megatron in Gun Mode

For him to be some blob of metal was totally unforgiveable.

And now, for Josh Duhamel to come back as an US Marine, was it totally on purpose because of his role in Las Vegas as Danny McCoy? I must say, if i ever want to be enlisted in the Marine, i want to be just like him. Forget Arnold Susunegar in Predator or Sly Stallone in Rambo. I just want to be Josh in transformer. Family man and a fighter with sense of humor and he almost share the same birthday as me (i'm on 13th November, he 14th)

Can you imagine me in this uniform?

And what's the thingy with that lady hacker that speak as if her tongue has 10 studs piercing? She Russian or something?

I just realised i ter-review a bit about the movie...sorry if i spoil if for some of you.

Oh ya, one more thing about the movie...the transforming scene, not as cool as i thought it would be. It sort of gave me a sense of deja-vu when i see them robots transform. Then i recalled the advertistment on Stadium Astro where the whatchacallit thingy transform into some sports playing robot. Honestly, that Astro robot transformation were more slick compared to the movie the first time it was shown on Astro.

OK, just one last one, since when Cybertron is a CUBE???? Arrgghhh!!!!! Some transformer fan i am, thanks Rauff for the correction that the cube is Allspark, also known as Energon.

Now, before i put this Transformer chapter of my life back where it used to be, let me just tell you that it's worth watching the movie if you are a die hard fan of Transformer. Nevermind that things aren't used to be what they used to be, just enjoy the show.

And i leave you with the theme song from Thundercats, one of my other favourite. I hope one day, they will make this into a movie as well, and get Josh to play Lionel, Jessica Alba to play Cheetara and perhaps Jack Nicolson to play Mumbra...hahahahahahahaha!

Anyone remember the X-rated version, in Malay, the theme song? ;-)

Actually, wait, there was Thundercats : The Movie! And i don't think it even made it to the box office...But come 2010, the real Thundercats: The Movie will/might premiere!

PS - Lifelogger is undergoing some maintainence work, apology for the missing pictures above, i've fixed it with blogger's own image uploader.

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