Monday, July 16, 2007

Crew Cut, Got It!

After the frustration of not getting the crew cut back in May this year, i explicitly told the barber this morning that i want nothing more than No. 2 on my head.

Only problem was, the one that is cutting my hair was fresh from India.

So, how many does it take to cut my hair today?


One which was cutting, One which was giving instruction over what i want and one more, which can't stand it and took over the job half way through.

Not too bad as it still cost me RM10 for it.

Here is the result.

Trying to act macho only...dont' worry

I recieved an email from Inked. He is currently in Tigne, France. Yes, Tour De France is there, right now. TdF is now in Stage 8 ie from Le Grand-Bornand to Tigne.

No, Inked is not there as a spectator. He is there to help ASO organise the race, he is leased to them.

So, when most of us are watching it on Astro, he is there, organising it.

And that to him (and me, and most of us here which follow TdF) is a BIG Deal. Well done Inked! You're most probably the only Malaysian i know having a hand in organising TdF!

Might not be able to do any running today. Timing not right, but might squeeze in a short 30km cycle. Need to run some errands for my boss later today, which sort of f up my plan to run long distance, tomorrow then! But 30km biking today, i will try! as luck would had it, i need to go pick my boss' kids at 5.30pm, which mean, all plans cancelled, crab!

It is like striking lottery, big time.

We envy you Inked!

Oh ya, the mere fact i can blog today means the PC is still in the office. If there is anyday i don't blog/reply to comment, then you all know what happened la!

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