Sunday, July 15, 2007

Office Broken In, Again

About 1hour 54 minutes ago, boss called me.

"Office broken in la", he said.


Second time around.

"PC there ah?", i asked.

"Is my bikes OK????", i added.

I rushed to office, leaving Ryan with MIL and was happy to see both my PC and Bikes there.

I supposed it's petty theft. But they go to a very long and hard extend to break into the office and left with nothing. I suspect they are after petty cash.

And thank god there isn't any in the office.

Office door

They cut the lock to the grill downstairs and broke the wooden door, then they smashed the office wooden door knob and pried open the grill (as per picture above).

My desk was in a mess.


At least my bikes are still there.

The office upstairs was less fortunate, they lost plenty of petty cash, their door suffers from the same fate.

So, as for now, the office is vunerable, there is no locksmith or ironsmith to come and weld my office's grill so it could be locked and only point of security will be the grill downstairs.

The reason why i am blogging this right now is so that if i don't blog or reply comments tomorrow, you all know that they came again, and took all the PCs and bikes away.

I better hide my bikes else where first la.

It's jsut not safe anymore nowadays eh? I have my suspected buggers that did this, not trying to point fingers, but the office downstairs was having some major renovation and they do work until late late at night. Who will actually suspect they are doing anything more than their ordinary renovation?

Ironically, yesterday, when i was around office area for the Malaysian Blogger's Day gathering, i parked right outside my own office and all the grills were intact. So, this must had happened like between 11pm yesterday and this morning before Boss came in to office.

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