Thursday, July 05, 2007

Run 18+km

Or so i assume it was.

Took me about 2:04 to run home-pencala-ttdi-kiara-kiara-ttdi-pencala-home.

Decided to do 2 loops on Kiara and go clockwise instead of counter clockwise so i could "enjoy" a larger climb at the end of the loop.

Dr.M says he saw me entering Kiara, but he did not say hi for fear i might stop and beat him up for disturbing my workout. LOL.

I'm on leave today, have to babysit Ryan. So, this will just be a short entry.

Might not be able to blog tomorrow as well.

Saturday would be the cycling trip with 49 other OPs and friends to PD via the Bukit Pelanduk route. I hope i would have the time to blog about that next week as well.

Till then, happy weekend.

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