Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Desaru Long Distance Tri 2007 Pics

A few pics worth publishing.

No cycling pics as it was pouring and my support team couldn't be there to see me stroll down the road in aero position...anyhow, here is some selected pics. Enjoy!

With Heckler

With The Monkeys

Out Of Water - love this shot

Goofing with Shazly on the run

And crossing the line with Ryan!

With Jun Shen and Shazly. Ryan was more interested with the ice cold 100+

My best support team and biggest fan

The second biggest fan and inspiration

Finishing time - WOW!

Official time is : 1:05.13 Swim, 2:51.03 Bike and 2:19.45 Run. Total time 6:16.01

More pics to come when i have the opportunity!

It has been a hectic week. I'm still trying to adapt to the new work time and stil looking to see when i could train.

Managed to run 5km in 28minutes in the gym today. My recovery rate has greatly improved, from a high 176bpm after a 500m sprint on 17km/h and it dropped to 125bpm after 1 minute. Perhaps the 1 week hiatus was a good break for the body.

Did not manage to bike on Sunday, decided to stay in bed, as i was up by 7am since i started working! Ya i know, i was a pampered boy before this! :")

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