Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Training Update

Decided to give the body a rest on Monday, so did nothing but just rest and nurture it back to as close to 100% as possible.

Yesterday afternoon, i ditched the plan to do a 21km run. I do not seems to feel all that well. Lethargic and just doesn't feel right. Moreover, it keeps raining in the afternoon, so, it's really anti-climax sometimes.

Despite not feeling really up to it, i forced myself to go to the gym with wife. Got to clock in at least a quality 5km run. By Quality i don't meant going through the motion and just complete the 5km; even walking would cover the 5km, if that's the case.

Speedwork. Nothing short of it.

I intend to give myself a lung busting, heart wrenching 5km run.

So i did. I increase the speed at every 1km interval. I started off with 10km/h and headed to 11km/h, then to 12km/h, 13km/h and touching 14km/h on the final 1km.

But that wasn't enough. So, at KM4.2, i upped it to 15km/h. Then at KM4.5, it went to 16km/h and at KM4.8, it touched the magical 17km/h or a 3:30pace.

5km completed in 25:10.

Heart pumping like crazy.

Went home happy.

Then, this morning, after i fixed the roof rack onto my car, in preparation for Desaru Tri this coming 17th-19th August, i went for a swim.

Not just any swim, mind you.

I actually did freestyle for a whole 30 minutes, non stop!

"Hands wide open, don't cut or criss cross infront of your head", i keep telling myself.

That is a whole load longer than what i did in PDIT this year where i went freestyle 750M and breaststroke 750M. But the pace was slow. Really slow, i covered 4 laps, or 100meters in about 3minutes. That would had set me a good 30minutes to do a 1km swim...and if i were to do a 1.5km on freestyle alone, i would had been a slow 45minutes at least.

I will visit the pool more often now, at least 2 times a week.

Then, later in the afternoon, i received an message from Reita, she say that in Britain, most world champ for swimming are borned between October and November.

I burst out laughing when i heard that. I'm in no way any great swimmer.

But perhaps i got the geography almost right, i grew up in UK.

Ulu Kelang, that is. No wonder i am not a world class swimmer.

Nevertheless, today's menu will be a knee busting 24km run if Wifey don't go to gym or a short 17km if she does. Run.

PDIT results are out. I did a total 2:37:11. Swim : 33:48, Bike : 1:10:52 and Run : 52:31. I am placed 47 out of 134 in my age group.

Now i got to work harder to shave off 3 minutes from the swim, 5 minutes from bike and 4 minutes from the run...that should give me a really good sub 2:30 in next year's OD race.

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