Monday, August 06, 2007

Royal Military College Passing Out Parade 2000

Found this on YouTube and posted by Old Putera Mat Arif Mat Yusof.

Brings back loads of memories.

We are NOT Military CADETS like those you could find in ordinary secondary school.

We are the only true Multi Racial and Multi Cultural Boarding school where everyone live as one and what matter most was Espirit de Corp and we value each other irregardless of colours and background.

This is where True Malaysians and Future Leaders are produced.

We are The Soldier Boys from Royal Military College.

And this is our song.


Berkhidmat Memimpin cogan yang mulia
Maktab Tentera DiRaja yang ternama
Putera dan Kadet sentiasa bersama
Menjunjung harapan nusa dan bangsa
Menuntut ilmu
Tekun usaha
Bersukan ukir daya sejahtera
Berdikari amalan yang teruja
Memupuk semangat wira waja

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