Saturday, August 25, 2007

Next Week

Monday - Flight to Penang @ 0735, back @ 1845.

Tuesday - Trip to Melaka for NIOSH training for work in Oil&Gas

Wednesday-Friday - Course work and Occupational Safety & Health for PTW (Permit To Work) in a particular Refinery...

Looks like i will be assigned to this big oil company for the project that the company just secured.

Merdeka holiday will be spent inside some hall learning about safety and things along the line.

Another full week ahead.

Today's menu : 5km run in Gym
Tomorrow's menu : 30km bike around PJ.

Special Thanks : To Zailan for the sets of wheels. TQVM bro. Really appreciate it! I promise to pass all these good things forward when it's my time to do so.

Thank you all for the good wishes on my new job. It's been overwhelmingly overwhelmed. Seems excitement is at every corner with this new job, i just hope it will last.

Thank you all for dropping by, nevermind the fact that my page hits has been reduced by almost 50% since i started the new job. I know who you all are. And i can't say THANK YOU enough.

Keep coming here, i will update from time to time, during lunch hour. :)

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