Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Signed Offer Letter, New Crank And Training

Yesterday, i went over to the office and signed the offer letter.

Excited as this is the second time since i started working in 2001 that i've done it. The first time was when i was working in Naga DDB. Second time is was yesterday.

I've not signed any offer letter from this current company (or should i say, my ex company, since my soul belongs to the new one already).

Spoke to the HR person. Was told that the office hour starts at 8.30am.


That is the time i usually wakes up.

I've been trying to wake myself up by 7.30am every day this week. I've only succeeded TWICE. And both time, i went for a quick 30minutes swim before pretending to prepare for the new job.

On Monday, i took the usual LDP-U turn at Underpass-Goes through Damansara Utama route. It took me a good 30 minutes.

On Tuesday, i took the Pencala-TTDI-Damansara Utama route. It took me 35 minutes.

Today, i took a secret route. It took me 15minutes. (got to keep this a secret, or else this place will be filled with cars and it will take me the same 30minutes). :P

Needless to say, this will be my route to work from 20th August.

I heard that there will be 8 new engineer joining the company and i'm one of them. Good to that they will be *freshies* like me. Bad to know that competition will be stiff for the possible promotions. Damn it. Haven't start work and i'm planning some office politics...

Good news is that i will be given a parking space in the office building. Bonus since Damansara Uptown is pretty hard to park and will be expensive on a monthly basis.

Enough about work for now, i'm sure if i get the oppurtunity to blog about it after the 20th, some of you might just shut off and stop coming to this blog.

Needless to say, i'm excited, but scared.

I went to open a bank account as well for the new job. Can't wait to get my first pay cheque after...6 months?

Yesterday i also met Chips. I asked if he wants to let go of his old 2007 Ultegra 53-39 crank with Bottom Bracket for a bargain. I see him in the bike shop and sad to say, the bottom bracket were missing one part. Replacement for that 2007 bottom bracket would be very costly, hence, i did not take the crank offer. Can't spend money i don't have, no?

I bet some of you remember that Geoff gave me an older Ultegra crank (2005/2006) which i desperately need to find a bottom bracket that fits. The bike i have, fits a 68mm (or british) sized bottom bracket and the bottom bracket that Geoff gave me was a 70mm (or Italian) sized. I went to Edwin's place ( and found the hard to find elusive BB6500...

Got it changed and now, my ride is fitted with a 53-39 crank...this meant my journey in life (where bike upgrades are concerned), ends here. The whole drive train is now a mix of Ultegra and Dura Ace, courtesy of Geoff (Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!) and with the 39 crank, i would have better climbing power (meaning grannies)!

I did not have the chance to try the new crank out, i hope one easy 20km ride would/should suffice before Desaru. Afterall, i'm supposed to be tapering, isn't it?

My most productive day was Monday where i Swam, Bike and Ran. a good 30 minutes pool time in the morning. Another good 1:15 on the stationery bike, covering 45km on high rpm (nothing less than 95rpm over "random hills" program) and a short 2km run.

I still feel the heavy leg on the run. Feeling a bit apprehensive over what will happen in the Desaru 21km run.

Yesterday, i sort of forced myself to clock in at least 5km on the treadmill. Wanted to run outdoor but the sudden shower puts off the mood to do so. In a way, i was pretty reluctant to do so (the outdoor run) as there is a lot of "WHAT IF's" after my Emo King posting last Friday.

I did the 5km in 32 minutes. Running on a slow 9km/h or a 6:40 pace. Legs don't feel as great. I feel the strain and the muscle do not want to cooperate with the heart and mind.

On the bright side, i managed the 5km run without even breathing through my mouth and almost hardly breaking any sweat (because of the easy pace la!). My Heart rate never exceed 132bpm throughout the run...that is less than 60% effort.

I fear Desaru at this point of time. My swim (experimental with freestyle), my bike (new crank) and my run (my legs). I will just go there and have a safe race (as in come back alive - Rest In Peace Zoob) and hope to finish the race within the 8 hours cut off time. I've not dipped below 7:42 in my previous 2 races in Desaru. That is suffering to the maximum for the RM90 entry fee...

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